Come Celebrate!

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Come celebrate with me the launch of volume II of both Merlin and Arvin: A Shamanic Dream Odyssey and A Six Volume Michael Overleaves Appendix at my über chic Toronto apartment this December 22, 2017 at 2000hrs. On hand will be copies of both volumes I & II of both the memoirs and the Michael […]

20th Century Art

Happy Reading…

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Recently, I made a quick visit to Montréal to catch the March Chagall exhibition at Musée des Beaux Arts de Montréal.  The exhibition closes on June 11, 2017 when I will be away.  For that reason, I simply had to go.  Besides, in advance of my trip, i needed to indulge my soul at Spa […]


Also, Coming in June…

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A SIX VOLUME MICHAEL OVERLEAVES APPENDIX. This is Volume I of VI of Michael Overleaves which were channelled by Authentic Michael Channellers™ (accept no substitutes).  Each volume is a companion to I of VI volumes of the memoirs of task companions, Merlin and mine.  MERLIN and ARVIN: A SHAMANIC DREAM ODYSSEY (Human Civilisation’s First Dream […]


Coming Soon…

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Human Civilisation’s First Dream Memoirs: Soon, Volume I of the Six-Volume Memoirs of Merlin & me.  Quite remarkably, Human Civilisation’s First Dream Memoirs will launch next month…  Stay tuned! Coming soon in all media everywhere…. Thanks so much for your support these past years.  Love.  Light and as ever, Sweet Dreams! Contact: arvindabrgha@gmail ___________________________________________________________ ©2013-2017 […]

20th Century African-American Art

Barkley L. Hendricks 1945_2017

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Photo Bloke Oil and Acrylic on Linen 72 x 48 inches ©2016 Barkley L. Hendricks Love it! ___________________________________________ Sir Charles aka Willie Harris Oil and Acrylic on Linen 84.1 x 72 inches ©1972 Barkley L. Hendricks Sweet and blissful dreams dear Sir. ______________________________________________ ©2013-2017 Arvin da Braga.  All Rights Reserved.